Back To School: Dental Cleaning and Checkup

Child During A Dental Exam | Dental & Denture Clinic | Seattle

Kids and summertime go together like syrup on flapjacks. Sunshine and swimming. Vacations and barbecues. Burgers, dogs, and fries. Ice cream, sodas, and candy. Good friends and great memories. All these make for a wonderful break between school years. What a great time to be young! But along with all this fun comes the need for some special dental care.

Dental Hygiene And Health During Vacation

Enjoying the summertime is great, but too many sweets and all those fun summer cookouts can take their toll on your children’s dental health. So many snacks, meals, and sodas work hard against their teeth. Plus, with all the activity, if they’re like most kids they might miss a brushing or two. Cavities, plaque buildup or other complications can develop before you know it. It’s a good idea to get them scheduled for a complete cleaning and checkup right away.

Now Is The Best Time For A Visit

Heading into a busy school year can make scheduling a dental appointment tricky. If you’re like most families, once school starts your kids have more going on than just classes. There are sports practices, band rehearsals, club meetings, and a myriad of other activities that take their time. You don’t want to postpone your child’s dental health needs, or you may never get there. Schedule early, and plan ahead for effective dental solutions to the summer fun. Get in before all the activities eat up their time, and go into the school year with fresh, healthy teeth.

Followup Visits

While you’re getting them prepared for the school year, think ahead to some followup appointments down the road. Your new school calendar includes breaks and days off, why not get those upcoming visits scheduled now? Having your child’s dental appointments scheduled for the whole year can give you peace of mind about their dental health amidst the busy pace every school year demands.

Don’t Delay

Your children deserve the best, so contact Dental & Denture Clinic and schedule an appointment now!