Denture Care: Dos And Don’ts

Smiling Couple With Dentures | Dental & Denture Clinic | Seattle

Nothing brings back a smile like a new set of dentures. Your confidence is restored, you have no more blemishes to hide, and you look and feel like yourself again. Life is great!

Keep that smile shining through proper cleaning and care of those new beauties. Here are some important do’s and don’ts for your type of new dentures.

Conventional Full Dentures

These are created after all teeth are removed and your mouth healed. This process can take several weeks.

DO. Keep your dentures clean. Rinse them well, and scrub them only with cleansers designed for dentures. Soak them in water at night. Brush your gums, tongue and the roof of your mouth to keep the area free from any food residue or buildup.

DON’T. Never use conventional toothpaste or a stiff toothbrush on your dentures. The abrasives in regular toothpaste are rough and can cause damage to the surface of dentures. Be careful not to drop them on a hard surface, which might break them.

Immediate Full Dentures

For dentures as soon as your teeth are removed, you are examined prior to removal so the dentist can model the new dentures after your original teeth.

DO. Just like conventional dentures, keep them properly cleaned. Rinse your mouth well but allow time to heal before getting too rough brushing and cleaning the gums.

DON’T. The new dentures may not be comfortable at first and the fit may change as your gums heal. Allow time for your mouth to recover, then have your dentist adjust them to fit.
Partial Denture or Bridge

DO. Clean and rinse like conventional dentures, plus clean any metal clasps or other attaching devices or hooks.

DON’T. Be careful inserting or removing the denture to not bend or force it, which can cause a clasp to be damaged.

Overlay Dentures

DO. Be sure to clean the inside areas thoroughly and brush your teeth and gums well.

DON’T. Make sure your teeth are clean before applying the overlay, so you don’t trap any residue between them.

Taking proper care of your denture helps you keep it in good shape, but it doesn’t guarantee that it won’t need maintenance or a repair at some point.

Contact us today and schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals at Dental & Denture Clinic if you need a new denture, maintenance or a simple checkup. We’ll be glad to take care of you!