Our office provides denture services in Kirkland and surrounding areas. Whether you are missing most of your teeth or just a few, we can create a custom denture that suits your needs. You do not have to choose dental implants in order to get your situation resolved. Since denture appliances are removable, they are much easier to clean and maintain when compared to permanent dental fixtures.

The Dentures

We’ve all seen what dentures look like. The difference between full upper and lower dentures, are that the lower dentures are arc-shaped whereas the upper dentures cover the whole upper portion of your mouth, including the roof of your mouth. Dentures are made from a plastic material, and are painted in a way which looks as natural as possible. Partial dentures only include teeth where they are needed, and are attached to metal clasps that attach on to adjacent existing teeth so that it will hold in place.

Getting Accustomed to Your New Dentures

Once you receive the final product, it will take you a few weeks to adjust to your new Kirkland WA dentures. You will have to work on your enunciation at first, but the end result is a great improvement compared to leaving those voids in your mouth. A little daily practice, perhaps reading aloud to yourself, will get you back in the game before you know it. You will also have to start off small with your eating habits as well, working your way up from soft, small-sized foods.

Maintaining Your New Dentures

Your Kirkland WA dentures expert, Dr. Jorge, will give you instructions on how to clean and maintain your new dentures. They will need replacing eventually, several years down the line. Following through with maintenance will make your dentures last as long as possible. There is a good chance that the toothpaste you are currently using is too harsh. You should also use a soft bristled brush. As partial dentures include metal clasps, be sure to ask if it is safe to soak them or not.

Regular Dental Visits as Always

This rule never changes. Teeth or no teeth, your mouth is a living, breathing environment that is constantly responding to the quality of hygiene you provide. The shape of your dentures will gradually shift, as will your jaw and gums. Changes unattended to, will prove detrimental to your health. A healthy mouth will ensure optimal balance and maximize your return on investment of your dentures.

We Extend Our Services to You!

Dentures are not only a cosmetic solution (although leaving gaps in your mouth will reshape your facial structure over time, making you look much older). When you are missing any teeth, a gradual domino effect is taking place as your whole mouth shifts to compensate for any gaps in your teeth. This can cause a whole host of issues that will cost you more in the end. Please contact us today for a free consultation. Your free visit also includes panoramic x-rays, valued at $150. We look forward to hearing from you!