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There are a number of problems associated with wearing dentures. There are also solutions for overcoming these problems or for preventing them from occurring.

Poor fit

​If dentures don’t fit well, they can rub against gums, causing soreness, swelling and possibly a callus which may require oral surgery. Ill-fitting dentures can lead to a tendency to avoid eating or cause the individual to focus only on soft foods, which could lead to nutrition and digestive problems.
There are different possibilities to remedy Ill-fitting dentures. The dentures can be relined with acrylic molds to better conform to a patient’s gums. Another technique is to insert a mini-implant into the jaw bone in such a way as to stabilize the denture. Finally, the denture can simply be recast in order to obtain the correct fit.

Plaque and Tartar

Plaque and tarter can build up on dentures, just as they can on real teeth. This problem can be prevented by brushing the dentures with a toothpaste and brush specifically designed for dentures.

Changed Shape

Dentures can change their shape if allowed to dry out. This problem can be prevented by putting the dentures to soak every night.


Eating with dentures can be tricky for wearers that are new to them. Dentures can become displaced while chewing food. There are several techniques for preventing this.

There is a tendency to push one’s biting teeth forward when biting something that is harder, such as an apple, when one has natural teeth. What works better for denture-wearers is to try to push back a little. This helps the dentures stay in place. Biting with the back teeth instead of the front teeth will also help keep dentures in place. Dentures are also less likely to be displaced if both the lower and upper parts of the dentures are used when chewing food. Some foods are more difficult for denture wearers to eat than others. Before eating them in a restaurant, it’s a good idea to practice eating those foods at home.

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