What can I expect when I get dentures for the first time?

​Process and Healing Time Associated with Getting Dentures

The process of getting dentures may take up to seven months, but is usually is accomplished in a less time. It depends on the condition of the patient’s mouth. If a patient has any teeth that are not healthy enough to keep, they must be removed first. If teeth are removed, the patient will probably have to wait about four weeks before the dentist can fit the individual for dentures. When the patient’s mouth is completely healed, the dentist will take impressions of the mouth. These will be used to create the dentures in a lab. The dentist will then have the individual try the dentures on. After wearing the dentures for several weeks, the patient will have an appointment with their dentist so that he can check the fit of the dentures and see if the patient is adjusting to them.

Sometimes it’s determined that a denture doesn’t fit well enough. In that case, the dentures can be relined with acrylic molds to better conform to a patient’s gums. Another technique is to insert a mini-implant into the jaw bone in such a way as to stabilize the denture. Finally, the denture can simply be recast to get the correct fit.

Immediate Dentures

When most people think of dentures, they’re thinking of a complete upper and lower set. As stated above, the process of getting dentures can take several months. No one wants to be without teeth while they’re waiting for their mouth to heal after extractions. The solution for this is to get immediate (temporary) dentures in the interim. Immediate dentures are placed in the patient’s mouth right after their teeth have been extracted. These temporary dentures are used while the patient’s complete dentures are being created in a dental lab. The immediate dentures will likely need to be adjusted a few times as the patient’s mouth heals from the extractions.

Getting Used to Dentures

Dentures usually take a little getting used to. New wearers may feel anxious about them, since they don’t feel exactly like one’s natural teeth. Initially, dentures may seem strange and bulky. Some of the things which new denture wearers may experience are excessive salivation, slurred speech, gagging and funny or decreased taste. With time, practice and resolve, new denture wearers are highly likely to get used to their dentures. After all, there are 49 million denture wearers in the United States.

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