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Denture Clinic Inc. provides exceptional denture services in Millcreek and surrounding cities. Dentures in Millcreek are available as either full or partial, depending on the extent of tooth loss that is to be accommodated for. Dentures are a non-invasive alternative to dental implants. Dentures are also very easy to clean and care for, since they are removable. You don’t need to be missing most of your teeth to enjoy all the benefits of having removable dentures.

Full vs Partial Dentures

Dentures are made from a plastic base that is gum-colored and are attached to the artificial teeth which also come in a variety of shades for a very natural look. Full dentures are a solid piece. A top denture covers the gums and entire roof of the mouth and a bottom denture is a U-shaped piece. A partial denture is like a full denture, except that it is only filling in for a few missing teeth. The partial denture connects to adjacent teeth via metal clasps so that it stays securely in place.

Short Adjustment Period

Once patients are sent home with their new dentures Millcreek residents can expect an adjustment period of a few weeks. The two things you will have to work on are your enunciation and chewing when you eat. Take a few minutes every day to read aloud to yourself to practice developing your enunciation. Also, start off with small, bite-sized, softer foods and you should be able work your way back up to eating normally again in no time.

Caring for your dentures

Your dentist will be able to recommend the best cleaning solution and brush for your new dentures. Do not assume that your toothpaste is okay to use on your dentures, as many pastes can be too harsh and will damage them. There are brushes that are actually intended for dentures, but in most cases, a soft-bristled brush will do just fine. If you have partial dentures, be sure to ask the dentist if it is okay to soak them. The metal clasps of a partial denture may or may not be rust-resistant.

Regular dental visits as always

Having some or all of your teeth missing does not exempt you from regular dental visits. Over time, your mouth changes shape due to age factors, lifestyle, and any lack in hygiene. Patients who are missing teeth also experience more of a shift in their jaw shape and facial structure, which will affect the shape of their dentures over time. The healthier you keep your mouth, the longer your dentures will last. And a great part of keeping your mouth healthy is with regular dental visits.

We extend our services to you

Our mission is to see more beautiful smiles in Millcreek. Be proactive with your oral for improved quality of life, a boost in confidence, and less complications in the future. If considering dentures Millcreek residents should contact us today for a free consultation and panoramic x-ray (valued at $150).

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