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Dentures are dental appliances which are available for upper and lower teeth. In our clinic serving Shoreline WA dentures are available if you are missing nearly all of your teeth. If you are missing just a few teeth, partial dentures are a great, non-invasive alternative to dental implants. Dentures are easier to clean than permanent dental fixtures, which can mean a longer lasting dental appliance for you. Discuss the pros and cons of all your options with your dentist, for the best return on your investment.

What are dentures?

​Dentures consist of a gum-colored plastic base, onto which artificial teeth are attached. For partial dentures, either metal clasps or “precision clasps” are also a part of the appliance which is used to attach onto the teeth adjacent to where your missing teeth are. These adjacent teeth are commonly referred to as “abutment teeth.” Precision clasps are more expensive than regular metal clasps, but provide you the advantage of being much less visible.

Adjustment Period

​There will be a brief adjustment period of a few weeks as you get acquainted with your dental appliance. Missing teeth have a negative impact on your enunciation as well as your eating. We have found with our patients in Shoreline WA dentures do correct this issue. After your adjustment period, you will be able to speak and eat much better than when you only had a gap where teeth should be. Begin the process with practicing your speech and enunciation, as well as starting off with soft, small sized foods. By using a dental appliance to fill in for missing teeth, you are also benefiting the rest of your mouth, as you will minimize the rest of your teeth and jaw from shifting in an unfavorable way, to compensate for that void.


​Be sure to get recommendations from your dentist on what kind of brush and cleaning solution to use on your denture. Also ask if you should soak your denture overnight or not. With partial dentures which include metal clasps, ask your dentist if they will rust and how to prevent this. As for cleaning, you should use a soft bristled brush. There are also soft brushes that are specifically made for dentures. Do not make the mistake of assuming your toothpaste is good to use. Many toothpastes are too harsh and will damage your appliance.


​Good maintenance habits of your dental appliance as well as your natural teeth and gums will give you the maximum return on your investment. Your jaw, gums and denture will gradually change shape, and you will need to come in for adjustment or replacement. Optimal oral hygiene will make a big difference in how your dentures and the rest of your mouth will hold up.

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​If you are missing any teeth, the less you delay your dental visit, the better. Gaps in your teeth will cause the rest of your teeth, gums and jaw to shift to compensate for that gap. For our patients in Shoreline WA dentures are not only great for your smile and quality of life, but they will make a big difference in preserving the shape of your face and jaw line, as well as your oral health.

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